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Controlling Your Social Message

Facebook postThe image on the left was found on my Facebook timeline as I was writing my previous post on Spreading Hate, and I think it is a perfect example of what I was discussing. The person in the comments section below obviously doesn’t agree with the sentiment expressed on the image above, but by the act of responding to it has now made that image available to everyone that follows or is friends with her.

Here is how to stop the spread of hate on your timeline: (While this example is on Facebook, the same settings and tools are available on most social media platforms.)

In the upper right hand corner of the image above, you can see the drop down of options to edit what appears in your timeline. It is there in nearly every post that you see.

  •  If you choose the “Hide Post” option, Facebook will try to identify the content matter and will filter your feed and theoretically work to show you less of that “type” of message. It is the most passive way to influence what you see and is only slightly better than ignoring it all together.
  • If you choose the “Unfollow” option, you will no longer see anything that the person you are friends with posts or shares. They will not be notified, and it will keep everything they post off of your timeline, but might not be the option for you if it is somebody close to you that you need/want to keep up with.
  • If you choose the “Hide All From” option, it will not effect what you see from the person involved, but it will block all content from whoever created that post initially. This is a great option for selectively “curating” those items you don’t want to see. The drawback to this obviously is that there are hundreds of thousands of entities creating content daily, so the effectiveness of this option is much less than the second.

The tools above really come down to your preference and how much “bad stuff” you are willing to live with while following a particular person or entity.

Let me know if there is any other way I can help, and thank you for doing your part to Stop Hate.


Hate stops

Hate: It Stops With You.


I am of the firm belief that the vast majority of people around the world, regardless of religion or lack thereof, race, geography, sexual identity, food preference, etc. are loving people and truly care for their fellow inhabitants of this earth.

That being said, I also firmly believe that it is often those with the most extreme viewpoints that are the loudest in the media, and can drown out all the wonderful things that are happening in the world.

Would you believe me if I said that those of us, the vast majority in the middle, actually are part of the problem, that we actively promote hate? It is true. Here’s how.

helped spread hateVisualize a hateful post on social media as a tree. When it is posted, it is going to reach largely those closely associated with the person posted or those with like minds and interests. Each of those original people it reaches is a branch on the tree of that story. Now lets say a more moderate acquaintance (We’ll call them Person 2) of one of those recipients sees what the original recipient has liked and takes a look. Person 2 is slightly taken aback, and comments on the original post with the best of intentions, trying to sway the opinion of their friend, no harm done, right? Here is where we are helping the hate. As soon as person 2 commented, that post is now visible to all his friends; another couple of hundred branches sprout, a couple of hundred branches that you gave life to. Ouch.

  • If, instead, Person 2 had ignored the post and moved on, that branch would have stopped with him.
  • If, instead, Person 2 had chosen to block creator of that message (see this post for how to do that), you remove one of the branches off of their tree of hate.
  • If, instead, Person 2 had chosen to block all messages from their acquaintance (see this post for how to do that) , it would prune branches off of numerous trees of hate going forward.

Just to be clear, I am not against dissenting opinions or having discussions with different viewpoints, that can be healthy and is needed. Just be aware that any time you engage with somebody on social media, you are giving renewed life and traction to their point of view, whether you agree with it or not.

Some might say that ignoring it isn’t the problem, and I fully agree. I still see the hate, I just choose not go give it life.

The good news in all of this? It works both ways.

We are never going to argue somebody into loving someone else. Love has to be shown, modeled, lived. When you like an uplifting item, a post crafted out of love, an example of caring, posts about stewardship of the planet, you are spreading your message of love. When those people who are just out to rain on people’s parade start engaging with those positive posts, even if they are against them, they are helping to sprout branches on the tree of love and compassion, whether they like it or not as well.

In closing, I believe that this isn’t something we can be passive about. I think that if we aren’t actively promoting compassion, promoting love, promoting care and nurturing regardless of the arena, then we are giving life to those that only seek to destroy.

For a perfect example of what I am discussing here, view this companion post on controlling your social message.

Thank you, and thank you in advance for making a difference. You take away their voice, you take away their message.

Feel free to download this image and post as your social media profile pic to help spread the message.Hate stops





Last Call at the Oasis (Movie)

Last Call Movie ImageLast Call at the Oasis Movie. This documentary examines the worldwide water crisis, our perception of it, and explores multiple solutions that have been proposed. I believe it does a good job of looking at the issue through the eyes of a number of different stakeholders on all sides of the debate.


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