What is Know Then Act?

Know Then Act

I was moved by the simple profoundness of the Albert Einstein quote “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”

I would add to his sentiment that “Those of us that are called to act have a responsibility to know.”

So what does it mean to Know Then Act?gears_bubble_bicolor

I think more than anything, it is a call to leadership, but not just leadership of large groups, though that is certainly a part. I am talking about the whole spectrum of leadership. Everything from how we lead ourselves; what we tell ourselves to either get us moving in a direction or the stories we develop to convince ourselves that it isn’t worth the effort, to those that lead our families, companies, communities, or even nations.

There isn’t much that is black and white. Ignore the rhetoric, explore, learn.

Much of the media today is devoted to positions at the poles of any given issue. As citizens and stewards wherever we reside, whatever our biases, we need to learn to look past what is spoon fed us and seek to understand both sides of the issues. This website isn’t to try to convince anyone of any particular agenda. It is an effort to highlight sources of information designed to shine a light on issues beyond what is given us by the parties involved (no political meaning). The more we know, the more educated discussions we can have, resulting in a higher probability that we can act in a way for the mutual benefit of all involved.

To Mr. Einstein’s Point: If you Know, Then Act

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”

Know Then Act. Whether through serendipity or through deliberate actions, once we are aware of injustice, exploitation in any of it’s forms, or just plain wrong, we have an obligation to do something. No longer can we use the excuses of “I don’t want to get involved” or “It isn’t my place”. Let us be among the first humans to be able to look back without saying “How did we miss this happening?” I would argue that somebody always knows what is happening, they either choose not to speak or we choose not to hear.

We all live in the same fishbowl. What one of us does, everyone either benefits from or pays for. We are in a closed system.

Today there are people in all walks of life that see things that aren’t as they should be. I would encourage you to learn why that is and then open a dialogue about it. Work for change. Maybe there isn’t a perfect answer, but I would bet that there are better options that move nearly anything in the right direction overall. You can act on any scale that you want to, but we need to act.

You have the power to change the world, every one of you. Scratch that. You have the power and the obligation.

To my point: If you Act, Please Know

“Those of us that are called to act have a responsibility to know.”

You can ask my kids and my wife, I am constantly trying to get them to look at the other side of any issue and see what it is that they are fighting for, why they have the position that they do, even if it is a position that I don’t agree with. Sometimes it doesn’t make me very popular, as you might imagine.

To put it bluntly, too often these days people will argue to the death when neither of them have bothered to fully understand the issue. All that happens is we honk people off and further polarize people. Some might find it fun, but I can’t see how anybody can find it productive. Having a different stance on an idea shouldn’t be an excuse for incivility.

I don’t begrudge anyone their position on any topic. I am adamant though in my belief that everyone should fully understand why they hold that position. I think that only after you’ve looked at both sides of an issue can you come to a solid decision. Too often today we base our opinions on a soundbite, a headline, or what somebody told us. Do the work. Find the true issues then decide.

On this site I will also work to assemble a number of documentaries on a variety of topics. I will do my best to preview each to ensure that they are working to educate, not necessarily proposing one particular course of action.

Feel free to comment, with civility. I don’t really like mean people!

Take care.


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